Robert Richardson

Were are these up to date videos Rob ? Waiting here pal...

Asked by Anonymous

Check my YouTube they’re all up

Question - why not tell us about your new Volvo Rob.

Asked by Anonymous

Was scared you’d all call me and old man

Rob, you mention that you have all this spare time on your hands, however on numerous occasions you say that you "can't be arsed". Why not seek for a full time job ?. Also, what do you attach your camera too when your travelling in your car ?. Alot of people hold it with their hands, which is a high example of stupidity, because it's illegal (distraction to the driver, putting other road users in danger). Great video!

Asked by Anonymous

Hi!! I do have a full time job it’s just the hours are very unsociable, I am the manager of a bar and grill! And I tend to put my camera on my dashboard! Thank you for your message x